Check out our current and past projects!

  • Volunteer Water Monitoring Network Pilot (ongoing since 2011)
    • To involve local schools in monitoring of local streams and promote interest among students in protecting their watersheds
    • Teacher-led teams will take quarterly water quality measurements
    • Report results to Hamilton County Water Quality to make available to the public
    • Partners and In-Kind Funding: Hamilton County Water Quality, North Chickamauga Creek Conservancy, South Chickamauga Greenway Alliance
  • Stormwater Education(ongoing since 2010)
    • Create models of stormwater control for area schools and businesses
    • Install Best Management Practices (BMPs) and restoration projects
    • Educate and involve schoolkids in planting trees and installing rain gardens
    • Partners and In-Kind Funding: Raines group, Thrasher Elementary, Scenic Land, Mountain Stewards
    • Funding: Tennessee Department of Agriculture, US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Kids 4 Clean Water Camp (ongoing summers since 2010)
    • Clean Water education for kids aged 8-14
    • Partners and In-Kind funding: Hamilton County Water Quality, Hamilton County Waste Water Treatment Authority, North Chickamauga Creek Conservancy, South Chickamauga Greenway Alliance
  • NEST Project (2011)
    • Workshop with 3-5th graders to raise awareness and encourage stewardship of the environment starting in their home neighborhoods through mapping and other outdoor environmental education activities
    • Partners and In-Kind funding: Calvin Donaldson Elementary

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